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Prime Intervention, formally known as Ellenbrook Education, is a conglomeration of passionate educators that are committed to helping all children reach their academic potential. We strongly believe that every individual is different and deserves to be taught in the way in which he or she learns best. Drawing on many evidence-based programs including Orton Gillingham, MSL, Sounds Write, Talk for writing etc, our highly qualified academic therapists provide intervention, remediation and extension for children and adults.

We believe that no child or adult need fail because their specific learning needs are not or cannot be met in the classroom setting.

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Our Strategy to Deliver Results

Many educational remediation curricula and mass-administered software programs are scripted, generic, and undifferentiated. Studies have shown that ALL students, regardless of the presence of a learning difficulty, have maximal benefit from individualised, appropriate teaching pedagogy which is meticulously administered and monitored by specialist and experienced therapists. Prime Intervention focuses on the individual student by working one-to-one, ensuring that the work covered in each session is relevant to each child’s unique learning needs and their developing competencies. Here at Prime Intervention our years of experience and professional training allows us to draw on elements of many evidence-based programs, to develop effective instruction to suit the specific learning needs of each individual child that attends our centre. We don’t follow the program; we follow the child.


Initial assessment to determine each student’s individual needs

Evidence-based intervention targeted to areas identified in assessment

Engage students in the process of learning

Teaching students’ strategies for effective learning and tailoring these strategies to each student’s personalised preference of learning

Continual monitoring of student progress during sessions

Liaison with, and advice to, parents and teachers

Use of a collaborative model for intervention, drawing on the specialities of all therapists at the centre

Rigorous specialist training and mentoring of therapists, by professionals and specialists, in delivering effective pedagogy

Biannual re-assessments conducted to evaluate student improvements, and to direct future sessions

Ongoing professional development and sharing of expertise and experience

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